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Cornappo: the Natisone river

The elders tell their kids that "... On stormy nights between Thursdays and Fridays the water witches called lis Aganis (or "Štrihje", in the local dialect) come from the valley of the Torre River to join with the witches from the valleys of Carnia. Then they meet up with the witches from the Cornappo Valley and together they all head toward the valley of the Natisone River to perform magical rituals.

They fly up into the dark sky, calling to one another, their broomsticks making noises like a blowing wind. You can only hear these noises, my little dear, if you stand close to the fireplace. Don't go out in the evening after the bells toll, because the lis Aganis come to seize naughty children and take them as a gift to the witches of the Natisone Valley...