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App 112 'Where Are U'

112 Where Are U is the app that calls the European Emergency Number 112, automatically sending your location information and all the other information you included in the app, where the service is implemented.

The European Emergency Number 112 was created to provide all European citizens with a single number for their emergencies: Ambulance, Firefighters, Police can be alerted by the same PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) and the service automatically locates you, for a rapid and accurate response.

With the 112 Where Are U app you can:

⭐ send your position to the 112 PSAP management software, allowing an accurate location for a rapid response;

⭐ store your personal data, including In Case of Emergency (ICE) numbers, that can be called for you if necessary by the 112 PSAP operator;

⭐ try the DEMO function that allows you to simulate a call to 112 and check if the location has been received correctly.

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wherever 112 Where Are U location services are not present, the app still allows normal emergency calls to the emergency numbers

112 Where Are U service is currently available on the following part of the Italian territory: where.areu.lombardia.it/#where and to use the app is necessary to subscribe