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Please note that the Heavenly Way is viable from one end to the other from June to September only. From October to May only the first stages of the Heavenly Way are viable. During these months the rest of the Way is often covered by snow. The web pages relevant to the Slovenian and Austrian Heavenly Ways are currently under construction.

Before starting the Way, don't forget to download the latest update of the above mentioned PDF. To download the PDF, right-click on the fish icon and choose "Save as..." from the File menu.

The Italian Heavenly Way

Material Updated Size Format Download
Detailed ordinary itinerary, relevant maps, rest stops and accommodation 2022.08.07 20 MB link Download percorso italiano dettagliato
Ordinary itinerary: GPS tracks in GPX format 2020.08.02 0.5 MB ZIP Download tracce GPS percorso italiano
Ordinary itinerary: route on Google Maps 2018.08.06 link Mappa Google Maps
Special itinerary: mountain bike route 2022.08.07 11 MB link Download percorso italiano in mountain bike
Special itinerary: Reverse route, from Mount Lussari to the island of Barbana 2022.08.07 19 MB link Download percorso italiano all'inverso
The Heavenly Way suggestions and water availability 2022.08.07 0.6 MB ZIP Download consigli
Public transport: Camporosso - Aquileia - Udine - Grado 2022.07.02 0.4 MB PDF Download orari trasporti pubblici
Elevation profiles 0.4 MB PDF Download grafici altimetrici
TurismoFVG: Brochure and thematic Map of the Heavenly Way 7 MB link Download brochure Cammino Celeste
Pilgrim's credential and application form 1 MB link Download credenziale percorso italiano
Recommended app '112 Where Are U' to contact the European emergency number link Download app 112 Where Are U

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The Austrian Heavenly Way

Material Updated Size Format Download
Detailed itinerary and relevant maps 2018.02.26 3 MB ZIP Download percorso austriaco
Way back from Mount Lussari to Maria Saal 2009.06.14 0.7 MB PDF Download percorso austriaco al rovescio
The Austrian Heavenly Way accommodation 2009.06.14 0.1 MB PDF Download pernottamento percorso austriaco
GPS tracks in GPX format 2018.08.11 0.4 MB ZIP Download tracce GPS percorso austriaco
The itinerary on Google Maps 2018.08.11 link Mappa Google Maps

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